Sunday, June 19, 2011

First Bhutanese Interstate Soccer Tournament (Day One Video)

Guest author: Tamar Orvell

Georgia's Red Team huddles in a tent as thunderstorms
drive hundreds of players and spectators to sheltering cars,
tents, and Porta-Potties to await the final game on Day Two

The First Bhutanese Interstate Soccer Tournament in the USA featured twenty teams that drove or flew from coast-to-coast, north and south to join more than 350 players in Atlanta, Georgia. The two-day event on Friday and Saturday, June 17 and 18, showcased brilliant athletes, organizers, coaches, and managers in a celebration of teamwork, community, fair play, tireless dedication, and hard work over decades of nearly insurmountable obstacles. The event was a reunion of family and friends, many of whom played soccer together as children in seven Bhutanese refugee camps in Nepal, following expulsion from their homeland, Bhutan. For nearly two decades in the camps, their 100,000-person ethnic-Nepali community relied on the same teamwork and life-affirming beliefs and practices witnessed this weekend.

Watch the video (8:45 minutes).

Updates from the soccer field (include photos and videos)
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Bhutanese Interstate Soccer Tournament: June 17-18, 2011, in Atlanta


Anonymous said...

Thank you Miss Tamar for being there and for this movie. It reminds me of fun had.

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Thanks for this post, it is great

Hari said...

Thanks Tamar and Craige for helping. You guys are wonderful...

TamarAdmirer said...

Great hearing your voice in the video. BTW, don't be so quick to judge... We still don't know if Strauss-Kahn did anything... (according to the last NYT update).